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YouTube vs minimalism – poor quality content hurts our kids #tech

I’ve recently watched an amazing film¬†Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things¬†by The Minimalists and it made me face the truth that I think I’ve known all along – my child’s excessive consumerist tendencies (specifically asking for new toys non … Continue reading

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Price comparison site for movie content? #tech #idea

I am lazy and I am working on becoming a screenwriter so I do buy movies legally. It’s easier and I am kind of paying it forward. I don’t have regular TV and watch all of the content on demand. … Continue reading

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Getting The Facts Of The Story Right – Dissecting The Textbook Case Of A Hot McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit

I saw this video by The New York Times suggested to me on Youtube, and I watched it with interest. It amazed me because it demonstrated how biased the story retelling can become in our society, how easy it is … Continue reading

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But I Can’t Afford Video…

I remember working with one client who I advised to produce some expert style videos on their web site. This would have helped traffic and engagement, set them apart from competition, give them a face, a voice, but above everything … Continue reading

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