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Product of the month – Nairn’s, The Protein Ball Company and Ethical Superstore

I probably should do these posts monthly to call them ‘product of the month’ ūüôā ¬†Still, here I go. I nominate sustainable and/or healthy products that I personally tried and am using so others could discover them too (I am … Continue reading

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Product of the month – how cool are these ‘crisps’?

Discovered these in my work canteen and have since seen them in Holland & Barrett. Tried quinoa ones – they are lovely. Need to check salt content but other than that what a cool idea!

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France bans supermarkets from throwing away food and Veganz plans to open in the US #sustainability

Supermarkets play such an important role in sustainability and our well being – this is where sustainable approaches to packaging, food waste and eating¬†should all start. It’s not surprising then that supermarkets have recently been at the forefront of sustainability … Continue reading

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Ben & Jerry launch vegan ice cream while UK campaigns for vegan pizza

I’ve been an aspiring¬†vegan for more than a¬†year now, partially for health reasons, inspired by Dr Joel Fuhrman, partially for sustainability reasons. This means I eat lots of veg and fruit, avoid dairy completely (lactose intolerance helps!), eat fish and … Continue reading

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Marketing to multiple allergy sufferers Рwhere is the food? 

Among my family and friends, there are several multiple allergy sufferers. Most of them are children. A person with multiple allergies would be allergic to many things, often the food basics- eggs, nuts, milk, soy, wheat, fish.¬†Here¬†are some stats:¬† Food … Continue reading

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