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Litter picking, DNA, Mad Men for not-for-profits and yes, tampons #sustainability

Some interesting impact & sustainability stories that were on my radar this month.  Creepy ads use litterbugs’ DNA to shame them publicly, brilliant campaign. Creepy or necessary? Littering in the area where I live became so unbearable recently that I … Continue reading

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Anonymous the unlikely force in the fight with terrorism? #JeSuisCharlie #OpCharlieHebdo

This week’s Charlie Hebdo attacks caused outpouring of public grief and protests all over the world, the web and social media. Hashtag #JeSuisCharlie has been trending on Twitter since. Like with any tragedy of a global magnitude, emotional pressure will inevitably lead … Continue reading

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Millennials And Sustainability- What’s The Action Plan?

As a ‘Millennial Wannabe’, I am happy to work with a mostly millennial team at the moment. Generational studies in general always interested me. Whenever a new generation comes into economic limelight, there are always heated and polarised debates about … Continue reading

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The Giving Dilemma – Some Ideas For NGOs

Interesting report from the US. First, it’s an amazing initiative. Second, we learn how to identify ‘bad’ charities from the fundraising channels they use. Finally, it gives interesting benchmarks such as that ideally only up to 35% of funds raised should … Continue reading

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