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To drive traffic and sales, share with your customers what’s new @sainsburys

Sainsbury’s recently announced rather posh initiatives to drive footfall to stores, such as opening Patisserie Valerie and Gourmet Sushi shops in select Sainsbury’s stores. I am a Sainsbury’s shopper and both of these developments sound very appealing despite me now living … Continue reading

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BBC is burying its streaming business alive this September #iplayer #tech

So we all know the news. From September 1, 2016 anyone watching BBC shows on demand will be legally required to have a TV licence. I understand the sentiment. BBC is funded from TV licence. You want to watch BBC – … Continue reading

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Which business are you – Donotreply or Contactus? #fintech

I recently received 2 emails – both from financial services companies. They look similar, but there is a major difference. One is sent from Donotreply@ address, another from @Contactus (with a Contact button underneath). One from a traditional bank, another from … Continue reading

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The L word – big banks’ legacy is #fintech’s opportunity to disrupt

I recently went through quite a customer journey with what I call ‘a stone age bank’. Which is even more hilarious considering their current ad campaign features Flintstones. I asked Halifax bank to issue a supplementary credit card to my … Continue reading

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Is vegan marketing a thing yet?

Fascinating times we live in! I see stats on the rise of veganism. I see impact in supermarkets – vegetarian and vegan fare is getting more shelf space. As a marketer and an aspiring vegan, it’s fascinating to see that … Continue reading

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Product of the month – how cool are these ‘crisps’?

Discovered these in my work canteen and have since seen them in Holland & Barrett. Tried quinoa ones – they are lovely. Need to check salt content but other than that what a cool idea!

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The future is electric. Nissan nail target audience message in their new Leaf ad

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