The Idea

In the beginning there was the Idea. I thought, hey, I am looking for a job. Marketing in sustainability, social, start up or NGO. I am such an awesome marketer :)  (Daft Punk’s Get Lucky plays in the background). Job search is a slow process, especially that I am doing it in a new country. Yet, I have so much to offer, now. Why don’t I do my own thing? The idea is to offer marketing strategy, communications, customer acquisition and loyalty advice to environmental and social start ups and NGOs, to help them make a difference (MAD). The MAD marketing consultant at your service! :)

I am doing lots of research at the moment on what is happening in this area in the world, as well as what new and interesting marketing ideas emerge as a result. I will report my findings + my thoughts and ideas here. In the meantime, I will be testing this idea on a couple of organisations, give me a shout if you need marketing help, for FREE. Check out my profile on Linkedin for details on my background and experience. You can also hire me on oDesk. My only criteria is that you are MAD :)

I am based in the Netherlands, and have 6 years of marketing experience in the UK. Dutch and UK organisations would benefit from my advice most, but feel free to contact me wherever you are.



2 Responses to The Idea

  1. Hi! Wow I love this blog its so cool! Such a nice read and cool pics! I’m still really new at this but would love it if you’ll go check out my blog as well and maybe give it a thumbs up or follow 🙂

  2. Hello! Thanks for following A Journey of Wonders (, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about my travel adventures as well as my tips for saving money in order to travel more 😀

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