To drive traffic and sales, share with your customers what’s new @sainsburys

Sainsbury’s recently announced rather posh initiatives to drive footfall to stores, such as opening Patisserie Valerie and Gourmet Sushi shops in select Sainsbury’s stores. I am a Sainsbury’s shopper and both of these developments sound very appealing despite me now living far from any physical Sainsbury’s store and doing my weekly shop online.

I have been in a sort of food rut lately and could do with advice on what new yummy things I could try. Heck, I am prepared to increase my weekly spend accordingly. My challenge is that Sainsbury’s do not want (can not?) help me.

Fashion retailers nailed what I am after – every week I am guaranteed to receive a bunch of emails announcing what’s new at Uniqlo, H&M, Warehouse, Zara, etc. I do look through them, with interest. They do not need to feature ‘new news’ – these emails serve to help shoppers like me discover what’s new to them, what they might have missed. Like any time strapped consumer I find this information extremely helpful and it helps me find and eventually buy stuff I need. 

What I can’t understand is why Sainsbury’s don’t have the same newsletter for groceries. There is the Sainsbury’s magazine that features new recipes – it’s close but you have to pay for it and it’s not the same as discovering what new products they have got. When I asked Sainsbury’s on Twitter whether they have such newsletter, I was told that they don’t and advised to check the Discover section on their web site which a) requires me to remember to physically check it each time I want to see what’s new, b) does not really offer any useful information. #MarketingFail.

Supermarket wars rage on, apparently, Amazon are testing their retailer neutral groceries shopping and delivery service and so loyalty is key. It’s easy to forget that it’s not just about pricing or posh experiences, it’s about adding value. Driving physical footfall may be a challenging task in the age of e-commerce but why not drive online traffic at the same time through such simple initiatives as weekly What’s New newsletter? I can even recommend what to include into it – new products (including vegan and vegetarian options), helpful nutrition information, recipes, Sainsbury’s news (eg sustainability goals progress, social responsibility, etc) and offers (I still only receive paper vouchers valid in stores, despite shopping only online).

While at it, what would also help is allowing to sort by What’s New while browsing through groceries on the web site – like fashion retailers do. My fingers are crossed, Sainsbury’s – I am tired of eating the same stuff.


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