Product of the month – Nairn’s, The Protein Ball Company and Ethical Superstore

I probably should do these posts monthly to call them ‘product of the month’ 🙂  Still, here I go. I nominate sustainable and/or healthy products that I personally tried and am using so others could discover them too (I am based in the UK, so all links are to the UK stores).


Nairn’s Biscuit Breaks

47 calories per biscuit and oats rather than wheat is the main ingredient. This is my new afternoon snack (forget unhealthy muffins and chocolate bars!).


The protein ball company

Only healthy ingredients – dates, nuts, berries, etc. Minimal sugar, amazing taste – great to keep hunger at bay, as a snack (can you tell I am on a weight control mission?). You can buy them in Holland & Barrett and in multipacks on Amazon. My favourite is a red one 🙂


Ethical Superstore 

I was first recommended this store at the Buddhist Centre but was using Big Green Smile at the time. Well, this store is amazing – sustainable and healthy products at a good price (often beating Amazon) and with reasonable delivery prices (unlike £5 on BGS).


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