Is vegan marketing a thing yet?

Fascinating times we live in! I see stats on the rise of veganism. I see impact in supermarkets – vegetarian and vegan fare is getting more shelf space. As a marketer and an aspiring vegan, it’s fascinating to see that vegan movement has grown to the point that vegan community can be segmented – some are driven by animal rights, some are health conscious, others are following fashion.

Does it really matter how vegan you are or what your motivation is, as long as you stick with it and minimise your impact on the planet? As long as you learn and discover that vegans do not just not eat animals, but also don’t wear animal skin or fur or use any animal based or tested products. Animal exploitation like zoos or Sea World is also wrong. I am looking forward to vegan movement growing and hope to see bigger impact on the business world – more ad space, shelf space, wallet share. More veggies eaten, less animals killed! Yes-vegan!-T-Shirts

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