Price comparison site for movie content? #tech #idea

I am lazy and I am working on becoming a screenwriter so I do buy movies legally. It’s easier and I am kind of paying it forward.

I don’t have regular TV and watch all of the content on demand. If I remember, I first check whether the movie would be available on Netflix, then Amazon Prime, as I pay subscriptions for both, and if not (or I forgot), I check Google Play/ Youtube, Amazon Instant Video and as a last resort iTunes.

It’s quite a process especially if you have a 4 year old yelling in your ear that he absolutely needs to watch Frozen this very moment. To complicate the matters further, I use Chromecast so the content needs to be compatible with it, ideally.

iTunes have an incomprehensible issue with download time which I and no doubt numerous other people reported to them repeatedly, I find content there to be the most expensive and they are not Chromecast compatible. So I only use iTunes for price checking despite being an iOS device household.

Amazon Instant is also not compatible with Chromecast (although can be streamed in-browser), I stream it through Playstation or on iPad. And I find it to have better choice of movies than Google Play.

Google Play is the cheapest, Chromecast compatible but limited in terms of content platform. Finally, if I want to watch new releases, I use Wuaki (through their film club with EE), BFI Player and Curzon (for arthouse stuff).

Now what I’d love to have is a content comparison site or app where I could type in Frozen, or Melancholia, and see the streaming platforms where this piece of content can be purchased and at what price. I may be missing out by not using new/ niche platforms, not always I remember to check Netflix for ‘free’ content and it would be good to not have to check several platforms before buying.

What do you think – do you have a similar problem, are there barriers to creating this tool or does it already exist and I am missing a trick?


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