Ben & Jerry launch vegan ice cream while UK campaigns for vegan pizza

I’ve been an aspiring vegan for more than a year now, partially for health reasons, inspired by Dr Joel Fuhrman, partially for sustainability reasons. This means I eat lots of veg and fruit, avoid dairy completely (lactose intolerance helps!), eat fish and eggs occasionally, and a couple of times a month eat a bit of meat. I admire those who are 100% vegans and hope one day to be able to give up meat completely.

Being a vegan is not easy. Preparation, planning and self discipline required are for the most committed, and this is before you learn a completely different way of eating and cooking. The pros far outweigh the effort however – you feel light, healthy, you are helping the planet, you are not contributing to animal cruelty and you are tapping into a completely new world. I’ve mastered a couple of vegan dessert recipes recently and some of the ingredients I had no idea existed, the others I had no idea could be used this way! (eg cheesecake made out of raw cashew nuts or cream out of whipped coconut milk)

Every little helps so to speak. So news like Ben and Jerry’s launching vegan ice cream is amazing news. Another one worth mentioning is the UK vegan pizza campaign, these guys petition for all main UK pizza chains to offer vegan base and vegan cheese options. Not bad, eh? Who knows, perhaps soon big businesses will wake up to the virtues of healthy eating (or numbers of allergy and intolerance sufferers) and vegan eating will be finally made more affordable and accessible?


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