Nancy Lublin on Crisis Text Line, a not for profit helping young people via text #tedtalk

I have recently considered volunteering for Samaritans. It’s a great cause that I feel passionate supporting. However, and rightly so, getting trained to be a Samaritan takes time, it’s mostly face 2 face and requires travel and time commitment. I work full time and am a mom, so unfortunately time is not something I have a lot of. My other problem is that Samaritans provide support over the phone and I am conscious that my accent may get in a way.

I’ve recently watched Nancy Lublin’s TED talk and learned about Crisis Text Line. It felt like a eureka moment – of course! Training is done online and support is provided via texting. Perfect. I’ve got in touch and learnt that they are coming to the UK in 2016. To be honest, I don’t think there is geographical restriction – I could probably apply already (mind you, selection process is rigorous). I now follow them to learn more about the organisation, in the meantime here is Nancy’s talk! Isn’t it amazing what they do?


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