Litter picking, DNA, Mad Men for not-for-profits and yes, tampons #sustainability

Some interesting impact & sustainability stories that were on my radar this month. 

Creepy ads use litterbugs’ DNA to shame them publicly, brilliant campaign. Creepy or necessary? Littering in the area where I live became so unbearable recently that I joined Street Friends and now pick litter around the area each Sunday. The glamour! I wish I could identify those who throw nappies in the birch alley or those who think clearing out their car onto the street is a good idea! 

Having just left a media agency, I continue to keep an eye on the industry, and ran into this media agency, which is like no other, working only with charities. Some interesting impact stories and ideas on their blog if you are interested in impact, charities, campaigning or advertising and marketing in general. 

Finally, tampons – a product we don’t talk about often in general, here Guardian takes it a level up and looks into how unhealthy and unsustainable they are. 


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