Join the complaining revolution! Resolver, free escalation tool from MoneySavingExpert  

This news definitely falls into ‘I shoulda thought about this!’ category. Not sure how everywhere else but in the UK often the only way to get a decent customer service level (not at the ‘delight’ level, just normal, that we pay for) from the utility companies, banks, mobile phone companies, authorities and other organisations and businesses is to complain. Profusely. In an organised way. 

I am telling you, it’s the only way. I had personal experiences with Virgin, Halifax, BT, the property management company HMLAndertons, Southeastern where the service I was receiving was so appaling that I had to go through various levels of escalation and in some cases track down their CEOs and complain, or report the case to the ombudsman. Hours, days of precious life energy spent to restore some fairness and make the big guys do what I pay them for. 
How exciting it is then to hear that MoneySavingExpert launched a Resolver complaining tool which drafts letters to all of the above and more, sends them, monitors replies and escalates to ombudsmen if necessary. Now if only we had more of the US legal culture and it could liaise you with a relevant lawyer to initiate a lawsuit for compensation, it would have been complete. 

I’ll let Martin & Co do the talking: 

‘Our aim’s always been to cut your bills and fight your corner. Yet complaining isn’t always easy for everyone – they often ignore or fob you off. So often it takes a certain type of person to get their due. Now we want to level the playing field…

  • resolver Resolver – helps you complain for free to 3,500+ firms & public bodies. The free Resolver tool* is a unique new automated complaints system, to take out the pain and cost. It works with energy, finance, legal, leisure, motoring, retail, food, travel, telecoms, water and other firms. Full help in our Resolver guide, but in brief:

    – It tells you your rights. 
    Select your issue and it gives you the lowdown.
    – Drafts a letter.  You get to make a bespoke version of one of 44,000 templates, incl the bit most people forget: what resolution do you want? Alternatively, you can call and it will record it.
    – Monitors replies. It will keep an eye on whether there’s been a response and prompt you to act if not.
    – Escalates if needed. If you don’t get a resolution, it works with many ombudsmen & regulators – eg, the Financial, Energy, Parking, Flights – and some even take complaints directly from the system.’

Well done, guys! This should be quite an impactful initiative. Looking forward to using it! 


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