3 sustainable products of the month- my shortlist

I buy and test a few sustainable products. I will occasionally introduce here three new products that I think deliver. This time it’s Oatly milk drink, Simply Soaps shampoo bar and Ethos vegetarian restaurant.


On the food front, being intolerant of dairy, I experimented with various non dairy milk drinks. If I were not lazy and had time to make my own nut milks, this would have been the best (no packaging, no artificial stuff, savings). However I am extremely lazy and short on time. So initially, I started with Lactofree, which should have worked, but did not for me. Then I switched to Alpro nut and soya milk drinks but was concerned with them containing non organic ingredients. I finally discovered that more non dairy alternatives lived on the long life milk shelf and I found the product that worked, called Oatly. They have no excessive packaging (Alpro still have undercap plastic seal, why?) and now that Tetrapak is widely recyclable, I can live with their packaging, ingredients are simple and organic, it tastes nice and the brand sounds like fun (just read their package 🙂 ). You can follow them on Twitter @OatlyUK.

Another food related discovery is Ethos, a vegetarian restaurant in West End. Reasonably priced, delicious, nutritious and you are not killing animals. Try their aloo scotch eggs! They are unbelievable. We need more such places all over the country.

Finally, inspired by the amazing Zero Waste Home blog, I finally acted on my interest in ‘no poo’ hair washing and decided to replace shampoo gradually, with a recommended shampoo bar. I had no idea they existed! I know, it’s just a soap. But the ingredients sound good enough to eat and it works well on hair. Until I can afford Australian Organics range again, I will continue using the Simply Soaps shampoo bar. It smells lovely, is not too soft (so won’t disappear after a few washes), works well on hair and its only minor problem is that it comes in plastic package. Still, better than a shampoo bottle packed with toxic stuff. Better for my hair and better for marine animals who end up with our washing water ‘enriched’ with toxins from our skincare products.

What sustainable products do you swear by? Any other ideas?


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