How Afghan girls learn and create through skateboarding #skateistan

It took me a while to come up with a good post. Hard to beat the previous one on Coca Cola 🙂

First, I was going to get grumpy about a marketing text I received from Specsavers and how they should really review their communication approach. Then I wanted to tell a story of a new impact food brand from US that I discovered, Enjoy Life (those with multiple allergies may be familiar with it). But then I saw this amazing video (below) and heard about this project (thank you, A Girl’s Guide To Taking Over The World) and it’s easily the best impact project I’ve heard of.

Girls and women rights are a cause very close to my heart. But Afghanistan always had this special influence over me – I still nurse a dream of helping girls in Afghanistan get education and claim their rights. I supported various charities (Asti, Central Asia Institute), co-funded a Kickstarter film about Kabul street artists (including women), but this initiative is just so lifehacking, so cool, so simply genius that it has to be one of the best I heard of.

I will donate when I do my next #rak (random act of kindness).


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2 Responses to How Afghan girls learn and create through skateboarding #skateistan

  1. WriterLionel says:

    Wow. Inspiring. It’s awe-inspiring to see children excited to learn and play. And skateboard! Thanks for sharing.

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