Dear women, have we got our priorities right? #fashion #beauty #sustainability

I personally believe that we, women, spend too much energy, time and money on such artificial things as fashion and beauty. Fine, we like things organised, decorated and pretty. But how do we know we are not overdoing it?

I was looking at the productivity chart created for start up entrepreneurs
by – I assume – men. It is a decision tree and it has a branch dedicated to Clothes. The advice is to create a uniform (eg jeans and jumper), stock wardrobe accordingly and to spend as little time as possible on buying or pondering what to wear. Steve Jobs comes to mind as an example of such effective approach. Reportedly Barrack Obama does the same.

Spending excessive amounts of time daily on beauty regimen is also not something guys do. So while they spend their free time on learning things, plotting adventures and advancements (career ones), inventing and pitching businesses or even just entertainment, we spend it at nail and hair salons, in shops and reading fashion magazines.

We put this pressure to look good on ourselves and other women around us. We then wonder why glass ceiling still exists, why there are so few women in Tech & Science, few women billionaires and so on.

Isn’t it obvious?

I am simplifying, intentionally. I am not against looking good. What I want to say is – have we got our priorities right? Is our time better spent some place else, eg like guys spend it?

And more importantly – fashion and beauty the way they are now are unsustainable. Every time we apply nail polish, obsess about shoes, spend ages choosing and buying a new dress – we are not only making an important trade off in terms of where our time, money and energy is spent, but we are also contributing to further destruction of our planet.

Fashion industry is highly unsustainable – changing clothes 4 times a year every year just can not be. Beauty is no better – not only many products contain toxins harmful to our skin and bodies, but also many of these products have unsustainable supply and production chains (think palm oil or plastic) and whatever we wash down the drain has to end somewhere, which it does – in the ocean, fish, animals, and in the water we drink, air we breathe and food we eat.

Looking good used to be important when we did not have much to do, eg a century or so ago. Should not our values now change towards personal and professional advancement, conservation and sustainability? Women of the Earth, I am talking to you.

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