When your customers have to find a replacement for your product #marketing #tech

The other day I got so annoyed with how long PDF files were taking to open with Adobe (I had to sign a bunch of papers). Sure, they were stored on the network drive and perhaps Adobe documents are not meant to be opened from the network drives, but common, who in this day and age can wait for what seemed like 2min for each document to open when they need to process a few?

So I typed ‘how to open PDF files without Adobe’ in my browser. And discovered that apparently they could be easily opened with Chrome. I checked – speed is unbelievable. And fair enough, Adobe is all bells & whistles – you can sign a document, edit it, email it, etc. But if you only need to view it, Chrome is way better (there are other solutions and free viewers too). I could install Adobe Reader. But why take an extra step? I already have Chrome. I am a lazy customer.

It made me think. What every business should dread is their customers having to find a replacement for their products, even if partially, for just one function, because they are short of delivering on that function. When more and more of your customers type in ‘without’ followed by your brand or product, and you are not aware of it, and not taking this on board, you are in trouble. Like when one installs Google Maps on their iPhone. Or Safari on Nexus. Or when they decide to start using gdocs rather than MS Office.

Have you ever searched for phrases like the one mentioned above for your product, service or brand? If you do, you may just discover a whole new dimension to your business that you completely have not considered, or not been aware of. Where are you falling short? Which products are plugging the gap? And most importantly, what can  you do about it? Who knows, acting on the resulting insight may help you catapult your business to the next level.


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