Sustainability- how green innovators are trying to make #fashion sustainable

Reading about start ups and innovators in ‘Nettles, tofu and snail poo: sustainable textiles made from the unexpected’ here leaves me hopeful that not all is lost, despite a very sobering article ‘Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we’re nearing collapse’
here. It leaves me with hope that we may still wake up from incessant thirst for consumption and escalating squandering of natural resources to the urgency of taking action. I admire those who are working on crazy ideas that might just save the world. And you and me.

Are we doing enough to avert the ever so realistic scenario predicted by Limits to Growth authors?

As pollution mounts and industrial input into agriculture falls, food production per capita falls. Health and education services are cut back, and that combines to bring about a rise in the death rate from about 2020. Global population begins to fall from about 2030, by about half a billion people per decade. Living conditions fall to levels similar to the early 1900s.

Inspires one to act, doesn’t it? We need more crazy ideas, more sustainability driving start ups and initiatives, and everyone has to be on board and try to do something. Anything. Including you and me.

Speaking of which, if you want to meet a person, an activist who is working on the problem of waste, and specifically food waste, you can hear Tristram Stuart’s talk at the Escape School in London, details here.


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