Idea- non smart wearable tech?

I am on a tight budget at the moment (what with the nursery fees and mortgage) and have to watch my and family spend. Which means I have to track it, daily.

Lots of mobile apps for that of course but doing it on the phone involves too many steps –
unlocking, opening an app, waiting for it to load, typing… oh wait, what was I going to do?

Now I don’t have a Siri enabled phone and I know that Siri allows to make notes without unlocking the phone. Once I get it, this will probably be a solution to my woes. Alas, as I mentioned before, I am on a tight parent/ home owner budget and so I will have to do with what I’ve got for the time being.

I was so desperate for a solution that I started to to write on my hand just like this person. Very old school, I know.

Obviously writing on one’s hand is very limited and not sightly. So I thought about possible solutions. I realised that what I need is a simple (non smart) electronic bracelet that would allow me to enter a number (eg weekly budget), and then manipulate it through 2 buttons- subtract and add. I’d need to be able to reset the number too.

It would be very affordable due to not being hi tech. Best ‘cold turkey’ solution next to carrying cash imho.

Would this be a viable product? Perhaps for savers. I’d buy one. Would you? Let me know what you think.


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2 Responses to Idea- non smart wearable tech?

  1. equigeo2014 says:

    I’ve been religiously recording all my spendings (with detailed comments) in the excel table for over 6 years 🙂 so i think need something more than a bracelet.

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