Marketing- less is more in digital ads

It took me good 15 min of trying to figure this ad out and I am still not sure what happened here.

It’s from UK and it’s a local airport promoting train travel to Europe by offering to win free flights to the Channel islands which are not part of Europe.

Do you see where my confusion stems from?


The photo and numerous logos confuse further and if you try the link, you’ll get a Page not found message, although I appreciate that it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen the ad.

What bugs me further is that have I found such ad in print, I would don the Don Draper smile – people who don’t know better! – but I saw it online.

So back to basics- next time you put an ad online, make sure you are sending a simple and clear message, your call to action is straightforward and all elements of the ad support this call to action, rather than distract from it.

If you have numerous partners and messages, you’ll have to prioritise. Especially if you are on a budget. And if story wise, it just does not seem to come together, then perhaps you’ve got the partners who are the wrong fit with your brand/ message in the first place?


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1 Response to Marketing- less is more in digital ads

  1. equigeo2014 says:

    Can I add something to shame the ad designer? Horizon should be (surprise!!!) horizontal and buildings should be straight, unless it’s Pisa tower 🙂

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