New women superheros are here- I Am Elemental action figures for girls

I understand it’s not an excuse, but I was very busy at work, details below*. If I managed to keep my happiness blog going, I did not do so well here. I hope to reclaim some of my life back starting from tomorrow. For the time being, some exciting new product + impact news from the world of toy manufacturing.

The 7 Elements of Courage

I have recently been growing more appalled by female stereotypes in comics and games, I even tried to proactively voice this concern, eg on game creator forums. And here are finally 2 ladies, Americans, who actually went and did something about it – I Am Elemental action figures for girls. Beautiful, are not they? I am getting a few as soon as they hit the shops here in the UK.

Brilliant example of innovation tapping into the zeitgeist. I hope I Am Elemental show Mattel, Marvel and other toy and game manufacturers that women stereotyping should stop, full time, but also that girls and women are a purchase power on their own, with a different set of needs and values. Hence starts the revolution. Bravo, ladies!


* I am currently working in a digital agency whose main client is Google. As OMD (Google’s offline agency) put it so well in their job description, ‘Google is a dynamic and challenging client that requires the highest level of insight, strategic input and diligence across all deliverables all of the time! … Google rightly have high expectations and they respond to individuals who are pioneering, positive and passionate.’  So my job keeps me mad busy at the moment.



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2 Responses to New women superheros are here- I Am Elemental action figures for girls

  1. Something to think about says:

    Great news. I shall be buying for my grandchildren.

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