Productivity- how to outsmart your inbox, free ebook from guys at SaneBox

No excuses of course, but I’ve been very busy at work, hence the silence. While I’ve been busy learning more about digital media strategies and innovation, my quest for productivity, prioritisation and stress management in the spare moments between sleeping and working produced a number of discoveries.

First of, I finally started using thread view on gmail. Only diehard (previous version) yahoo mail users will get the enormity of this decision. Oh well, thread view decreases a number of emails in your inbox and having recently had crossed 500 unread mark and normally being a zero inbox person, this was a major contribution to my sanity at work.

On the subject of email productivity, I might have mentioned that for my personal, yahoo mail account I use SaneBox, amazing app which sorts your emails as they come in. It’s $49 per year and it’s totally worth it. One day I may stop being sentimental and move to gmail completely. Or maybe I’ll unsubscribe from everything in a blind rage episode. Until then, SaneBox works for me.

Smart folks at SaneBox released an ebook called ‘How to outsmart your inbox‘. I have not read it yet but knowing these guys and looking at reviews, I am sure it’s going to be great. Oh, and it’s free to download at the moment.



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