Sustainability: The Oceans Clean Up Project – How You Can Help

Science news these days are all gloom. Global warming, pollution, mass animal extinctions and a large extinction now predicted for the humankind. We may follow in dinosaur’s steps and pronto.

Instead of burying my head in my hands and giving up, I do believe that this is the time we need to face the facts and start acting. Last week marked the World Oceans Day. And yes, we only still know about 5% of this amazing world. We have mapped more of the Moon than our oceans. What we know though is that we are poisoning oceans with our waste and that we need to get up, own up to the damage we have done, change what has been passive approach so far, roll our sleeves and get to clean.

Just activism and daily bag reuse are no longer enough. They won’t save you or your kids. We need more of guys like Boyan Slat, with bold vision, enough belief and drive to get the job done and above all, ready to do it.

If his project fails, it’s fine. At least we tried, right? And our support will show that projects like this matter. That we have to keep trying. Let’s do this.


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