Disrupting Law: Temple Bright, City Firm For Startups

Escape The City have launched a fantastic initiative whereas they make and share really good notes of all of their paid talks. So anyone can follow what was discussed and the key points, for free. Which is amazing and should really help the Esc guys further strengthen and develop their Escape School proposition. I will reblog the best posts imho + commentary here.

This post stood out for me because I had no idea that law could be disrupted. You see a lot of lawyers in the Esc ranks, and law comes across as a soul destroying profession with no life-work balance whatsoever. I remember early into my escape, I ran into a lady on mumsnet, out of all places, who was a depressed lawyer and did not know how to escape. She sounded so depressed that I felt compelled to help her, so I shared lots of Esc posts and info with her and hope she did escape or at least come up with a plan. That encounter in my mind cemented the perception of law as a profession.

Yet, here is Tim Summers who created Temple Bright, “City firm for SMEs”, and is working with tech startups as well as larger companies and successfully growing his practice. For me, the revelation in the notes from his talk was that ‘being a lawyer can be a good job – it’s the traditional legal firm model that is broken, not law itself!’

Their idea and proposition sound fresh, accessible and hence almost social, in the sense we use it on this blog: provide City quality at reasonable fees, use senior lawyers only, be accessible and responsive. Law firm that take their inspiration from Apple – now this is new. If I were a startup in need of legal services, I’d probably take a closer look at these guys.



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