Can Search Be Made Better? Dynamic Search Idea

As I said before, I will occasionally share some of my ideas here.

I came up with this one a while ago when I was googling something. I thought that it would be amazing if search engine/ browser/ app could adapt to my search dynamically. This is how search works at the moment. Say, I am looking for a bakery close to the office. I type in smth like ‘london bakery oxford street’ into google search. I get links. I click on link 1, link 2, link 3. Not all of them are relevant or exactly what I am looking for. I then come back to the previous results and either modify my keywords or dig through more links.

Now, would not it be great if google/ other search engine/ browser or app had a function where I could switch on what I call ‘dynamic search’. Let’s say google added this function. In this case, once enabled, google dynamic search would adapt my search results to the links I click on, to ensure higher relevance. So when I click on link 1, and it’s relevant, but I want more results, I do not return to the previous results page, but to the page with results already adapted to my criteria based on the keywords/ content featured on link 1. The more I search, the smarter links I get.

There are technicalities – like how do you tell a relevant page from a non relevant one? Eg if I clicked on 5 links and only 3 were relevant, how do I make sure dynamic search algorithm understands that? I am not an expert, but perhaps based on time that I spend on each page? Or probably it could proactively ask me to specify if the page was relevant?

Whichever it is – imagine getting the dynamic results page every time you search. Highly relevant links, no need to go back and modify keywords or dig through more links. Sounds good to me. Would people pay for this (in case of an app) or search more/ change their searching behaviour (eg swap a search engine or browser)? Probably.

Any thoughts or comments – please share below.



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