Draught In California, Flooding In London, Apple Takes A Stand On Sustainability, And Making Stuff Out Of Emmissions

In today’s post I wanted to mention some of the top sustainability news that captured my attention.

Closest to home was a worrying but very realistic warning about risk of catastrophic flooding in London.
Having lived in Holland, I believe UK needs a similar water management system. Which requires long term planning and massive investment. Let’s hope floods risk and protection make it onto the next elections agenda and we become serious about this very tangible threat in the UK.

The worrying fact is the Thames barrier is recording increasingly higher rates of surge and has been closed more frequently… This is sort of sci-fi disaster movie territory… when you start seeing 300-year events coming up more frequently, we start to worry about the level of adaptation that we’ve already got.

At the same time, in California, they are facing another type of threat- details in this post ‘Google, Adobe and eBay innovate to save water in drought-hit California’.

Also in US, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, sent a strong message to climate change deniers. What shocked me in this news is that an organisation called the National Center for Public Policy Research can be in pro-active denial of climate change and trying to influence companies like Apple to drop environment protection measures from their agendas.

Finally, could future clothes, bottles and chairs be made from carbon emissions, asks this post. Apparently so. Exciting, isn’t it?


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