Getting The Facts Of The Story Right – Dissecting The Textbook Case Of A Hot McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit

I saw this video by The New York Times suggested to me on Youtube, and I watched it with interest. It amazed me because it demonstrated how biased the story retelling can become in our society, how easy it is to bend facts and also because it reminded me that to know something well, you have to know all sides of the story.

I remember learning about this case during my university years while reading about consumer idiotism. An American lady spilled coffee on herself, sued McDonald’s and got a massive payout. I did not know the size of the settlement (not massive), I did not know how severe her burns were (3rd degree) and I did not know that McDonald’s coffee was served very hot at the time and she was not the only victim. I also did not know that McDonald’s adjusted their coffee temperature as a result of this case.

Consumer rights activism rather?

I am glad I watched this amazing example of professional journalism and now have a different angle on the story. My takeaway from it – let’s not judge textbook examples by their cover, and let’s always get all sides to the story before getting carried away with the judgement. Also if you are a business who is on the receiving end of a similar lawsuit, if you are dealing with consumer rights activism, do not bend the facts or let the public bend them. Come out and admit that you were wrong. That changes will be made. That this was a case of consumer rights activism and that you get it.

Everyone will be better off as a result.


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