But I Can’t Afford Video…

I remember working with one client who I advised to produce some expert style videos on their web site. This would have helped traffic and engagement, set them apart from competition, give them a face, a voice, but above everything – explain to their target audience in a visual, easy to understand, brief way what it is they were doing. They said it was not possible because they had no money to hire professionals to make a video.

I gave them two examples – my favourite personal financial advice video podcast Meaningful Money TV and a Youtube channel called London Real TV, now both quite famous and with significant viewing audiences. None of the videos on these sites is made professionally and it’s intentional, because this is what sets them apart, makes them more genuine.

I recently ran into another example. This is a Youtube ad for Dollar Shave Club which cost $4,500 to make and which racked in 10m views on Youtube. Looks good, does not it?

So no, don’t tell me that video is not for SMEs because you can’t afford it. All you need is a great idea and to have some fun.


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4 Responses to But I Can’t Afford Video…

  1. Great article. We run into a similar issue when advising clients to produce videos. We now conquer the objection by providing post-analytical report samples… Thanks!

  2. Elouise says:

    How neat! Is it really this simpel? You make it look easy.

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