Hampton Creek Foods And Their Egg Free Mission

I’ve been after a plant based substitute for eggs since I decided to eat less eggs (and no dairy, and less meat or fish of any kind). I hope to one day replace eggs in my diet completely. This also means looking for a vegan mayo. The products I’ve tried so far have not worked for me.

A company called Hampton Creek Foods attracted my attention the other day. They are a young company (from US) who are working on a cheap but good quality plant based replacement for eggs. And mayo. I hope to see their products in the UK soon.

In the meantime, enjoy a video with their CEO, posted on LiveScience. My 2 favourite moments are where he talks about how we treat chickens bred for consumption (‘bizarre. gross. unsustainable’) and his definition of success for an impact driven organisation – ‘make easy thing the thing that’s actually better ‘.


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