Top 10 Movies About Sustainability

An interesting list of movies which aim to open our eyes to a massive elephant in the room, widen our horizon and show us the horror of what we are doing to our home and its other inhabitants. Not on the list are the recent widely acclaimed documentaries РBlackfish, Ghosts in Our Machine and Leviathan (playing at ICA London at the moment).

Some of the movies on the list I’ve seen, some I’m not yet psychologically ready to see (eg Ghosts in Our Machine). As a movie enthusiast (I talk about movies on Twitter, @laskarova), I believe there is no better education on man made environmental problems than a good visual story.

Let’s get educated. Let’s get shocked. And let’s use this shock to start doing something to undo the harm we’ve done so far and to reduce or prevent any further harm.

You can start by watching one of the movies on the list. Then, let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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