Social Finance Providers In The UK, And Social Finance Event In London

I came across this link the other day, thanks to Escape The City, it is the first time I see a comprehensive directory of organisations providing finance and support to the social entrepreneurs in the UK. 

If you click through the Big Society Capital web site, where you land, you can find interesting facts and information on social finance. I found the Portfolio page quite interesting. One of the enterprises they invested in is ClearlySo. There is an event tonight in London (Charing Cross station area) hosted by Escape The City, where the CEO of ClearlySo, Rod Schwartz (@rodneyschwartz), will talk about reinventing the financial system.

He sounds like an interesting guy who knows a thing or two about finance. He is an ex-Head of Equities in Europe at Lehman Brothers. He founded ClearlySo (a company that raises capital for social entrepreneurs) in the same month that Lehman collapsed in 2008. He is currently the CEO, as well as being a spokesperson for the social business, enterprise & investment sector; a writer and lecturer in social finance, SRI, and the Social Economy.

In the past, he has talked about how the investment banking model exemplified by Lehman Brothers has failed and undermined the development of a safe and socially useful financial system. During tonight’s talk, he will lead a discussion on whether the future of finance lies with a different model. As he puts it, “A sector that collapses, nearly bringing down the western financial system with it, is clearly not sustainable. The tools of finance and markets can be made relevant and socially useful—this is what social enterprise and 3D investing, where social impact counts, is all about. And the sector is surging—likely to grow at 40% per annum.”

I am heading to this event tonight – social finance is something I am very interested in – and I will let you know what I learned in one of my next posts.


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One Response to Social Finance Providers In The UK, And Social Finance Event In London

  1. lolkin says:

    you can still get tickets to the event, let me know if you are coming!

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