How To Not Communicate With Your Customers – Part 2

Some communications examples look like a joke, even though they originate from well known large organisations. 

I have my pension with one of the UK’s largest pension companies. They spend a lot of money on corporate style and marketing. They do strive to deliver good customer service. All good. But they are a typical financial services behemoth, slow, stuck in their ways, more interested in ticking a box and following a procedure, and as a result completely unhelpful.

A couple of months ago I emailed them with a request to change my address. It took them several weeks to reply that this could not be done via email and that I had to call them. I do understand the safety issue with the email, although reply could have come back a bit sooner.

Anyway, I called them to change my address, spoke to a lovely representative, got it all sorted and forgot about it. Several months later I received a mail forward from my old address and there was a letter from my pension provider. Here is what it said:

We have been advised that you have recently changed your address. Should this be incorrect, please contact us immediately.

Now, I am not sure who wrote their Change of Address procedure, but surely sending such letter to an old address instead of a new one makes no sense and is dangerous, because it could be opened by a wrong person? Perhaps, sending me an email to a verified email address instead made more sense?

The morale of this story. Even – or actually, especially – big organisations make mistakes when it comes to their communications. They get so immersed in ticking the boxes, that common sense may get overlooked. When your organisation thinks about customer journey, contact strategy and customer touch points, somebody please make sure common sense is ticked off first.


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4 Responses to How To Not Communicate With Your Customers – Part 2

  1. anothercrappyblogger says:

    Always good to read insights into customer services. I have been reading a lot about customer interactions at the moment and I think it is really important that a company maps and controls all aspects of interaction with customers. If this isn’t done how do you control the quality of the customer experience? Thanks for the thoughts

    • lolkin says:

      You are spot on. Common sense before marketing, or actually common sense in marketing! 🙂

      • anothercrappyblogger says:

        Careful! You might get my honest view on marketing as a function in a minute 😉 And you probably don’t want to hear that. but please start to use the hashtags

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