Korea, The Green Powerhouse?

This week, news about sustainable innovations from Korea caught my attention, to the degree that made me wonder whether it’s a strong ‘green’ PR campaign or whether Koreans are genuinely interested in sustainability. I believe it’s the latter but let me know what you think. 

S-Oil’s Here Balloon ad, which by now went viral, is not just an example of a brilliant advertising campaign but also of a great solution for the sustainability issues, by a business. Yes, this does not resolve the world’s oil consumption habit, and is after all a campaign by an oil company, but what if every oil company ran at least a couple of initiatives like these on a monthly basis? Isn’t the whole ‘from revolution to evolution’ talk in sustainability these days just about that? Finding simple and innovative solutions which are easy to get and are fun to use.

Here is another innovative idea from Korea, a foldable electric car. Looks like fun.

To top it off, I recently discovered the Seoul Digital Forum’s channel on youtube and they have some interesting talks there on innovation and sustainability.

Korea, and Asia, with their strong innovative spirit, limited natural resources and overpopulated large cities are well positioned for innovation in sustainability. Is Korea aiming to become a green powerhouse? Perhaps. All I know is that my bet – in terms of tomorrow’s competitiveness – is on the nation that puts innovation in sustainability at the core of its growth strategy.


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