Simon Sinek On Leadership & Innovation

Brilliant ted talk that I’ve somehow missed. Simon Sinek talks about innovation and leadership. But what he says also applies to entrepreneurship. If I were to take 3 things out of this talk, here they are:

1. Start with why.

What is your mission? Why does your impact organisation/ business exist? What’s in it for us, your donors and customers? I don’t mean the standard mission statement that describes what and how you do, but what do you believe in? Simon shows very convincingly how a lot of businesses start with the wrong questions (what and how) and end up being like everyone else.

2. We follow leaders for ourselves.

We follow people and organisations that believe into things we believe in. Do you know why your donors/ customers support you? What is it in your product or service or cause that drives their support? How are you helping them make a difference in the world through your organisation?

3. Law of diffusion of innovation

Simon does not talk about it specifically but his explanation of difference between innovators, early adopters and majority (early or late, as well as late adopters) made me think that maybe this is the answer to a question of why some people can be entrepreneurs and some can’t. You have to be an innovator and an early adopter to be able to go and create things, to not be afraid to fail and then repeat the cycle.


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