Overhead Myth

Fantastic talk and great further proof on why we are not assessing not for profits correctly. Quite eye opening actually. I guess what this leaves us with is how do we then assess charities that we want to support? How do we make sure they are ‘good’, hard working charities and not the ‘bad’, fraudulent or inefficient ones?

Two thoughts: 1) it would be great if there was some sort of Tripadvisor or Comparethemarket for charities where you could see their mission, reach, latest projects, financial performance, and a total confidence score based on various assessment criteria so you could easily check if the charity of your choice is a ‘good’ charity, 2) maybe then it will be easier to educate an average customer that foregoing one bottle of coke/ cigarette a week and putting money towards charity of choice is better for health, planet, consciousness and humankind?




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