This Week In Storytelling – Greenpeace & Coca Cola

A very unlikely match, a mission driven organisation that is contributing to saving the planet and a profit driven company that is contributing to the obesity epidemic. But let’s not focus on the missions today and talk about the storytelling aspect.

I have been a supporter of Greenpeace for many years and regard them highly as amazing lean (guerilla) marketers. Many Greenpeace campaigns are textbook examples of how to market an idea and a movement. It’s no surprise they win awards for their campaigns. Two latest campaigns by Greenpeace were recognized at Cannes, and both are great examples of storytelling in sustainability.

And Coca Cola surprised me with the perfect example of corporate social storytelling. I believe they sponsored several stories about positive social change. A very noble thing to do, beautiful implementation and storytelling. Controversial due to the commercial interest at heart and an unhealthy product, but I guess it’s all about baby steps? It was great to watch all these stories and get inspired by the amazing people behind them.

What social/ green story is your organisation or business telling this week/ month/ year?


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1 Response to This Week In Storytelling – Greenpeace & Coca Cola

  1. lolkin says:

    Interesting relevant mention of Coca Cola and Pepsi speaking about their sustainability approaches here Especially mention of a ‘800 pound gorilla in the room’ 🙂

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