From Corporate To Impact – Facing The Wall

My story – I have escaped from the Financial Services sector (I am a professional marketer) and am trying to change what I am doing from corporate to impact (charity or social enterprise). The idea is to leverage my marketing skills. I’ve also moved countries – from the UK to the Netherlands, and started this blog to share my journey and learnings along the way.

Finding an impact sector job in the Netherlands is no easier than in the UK or anywhere in the world. It’s nothing like corporate sector recruitment, where you can walk into a couple of recruitment agencies, register and start getting offers. There is no structured recruitment system in the impact sector here or in the UK, if you have no previous experience and/or education. You can be a professional with massive corporate experience, but unless you develop contacts in the impact world and do your homework on how the sector works and how to transfer your skills, you will face the wall. I know, it does not make much sense, but this is how things are at the moment.

Start with a resume. You will need to adapt it. Here is an amazing post which will help you think about your aspirations and finetune your resume – the best advice I read in the last year, to be honest. Do research and use free CV consultation services, I used one offered by Experteer which is a job board here, in the Netherlands. They will only provide limited advice (their aim is to sell you their services) but it will be a good start and with some online research and reading, you can fill in the blanks. You can also hire a freelancer on sites like or to rewrite your CV and Linkedin profile, which is probably cheaper than the CV consultation service, but I am not sure how it works – probably ok for a standard CV?

And here are some bare links to the information sites and job boards featuring information, jobs, internships and volunteer positions in the impact sector of the Netherlands. It took some time and effort to collect them – asking on Linkedin, networking, research, etc. Many of these feature roles across the world, so top 4 links in the list below should help you find an impact role wherever you are.


Dutch specific:

I have more links which I will add in the comments section as soon as I put them all together. Hope this helps!


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  1. lolkin says:

    This list focuses on jobs in sustainability or green collar jobs.

    (registration is required, features mostly US and emerging countries)


    UK GREEN JOBS (specialised)

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