Organic Skincare Brands Challenge

I am doing some freelance work at the moment, and my new project is on the chemicals in skincare products. It’s going to be an interesting project. I hope to learn a lot of new stuff, and namely what to look for beyond obvious parabens and SLS in a product’s ingredients list.

This made me think about why organic skincare is more confusing that prevalent (see one of my previous posts about buying organic toothpaste). I agree with what’s said here, the number of customers who consciously choose organic products is max 6% in any given country. The rest of the customers choose based on other criteria, such as value, novelty, premium appeal, etc. The secret in growing an organic skincare or beauty brand’s market share is hence to not focus on a ‘green niche’ but target other segments based on their needs tailoring the brand message, or story, accordingly. The positioning should be in line with the big non organic brands, rather than alternative to them.

Value is essential – if your product is 3x more expensive than a non organic alternative, you will feel this in your market share size, unless you position your products as premium (although you will eventually face the same challenge and have to tap into value segments to grow). Marketing investment is key. In brand, in packaging, in positioning and promotion, or rather storytelling. Not having big budgets like big brands does not mean forever staying in their shadow. Thanks to modern technology, and with some clever guerilla marketing, any brand these days can create a movement, a following, and as a result, sales.



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