Green Storytelling – Have Fun

As I continue watching a great video of Park Howell’s talk about principles of storytelling in green marketing, I keep thinking about other ideas to make storytelling more compelling for the industry. One other idea that I came across is to tell a story with humour, have fun while doing it. When done well, this will differentiate you/your brand and help you stand out. It’s so easy to get all serious about green stuff, isn’t it… I don’t mean just being funny, but rather write with a sense of humour, in no way devaluing the subject. Here is a fantastic article on the subject, and here is a great example, as published today on Shapeway’s Facebook page – the best apology for site not working imho 🙂

Oh dang, Shapeways site is currently experiencing weirdness, Please hang tight while we sharpen our lasers.



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