Social Entrepreneurship In Holland

This blog is not called Green And Lean just because it rhymes 🙂  If I were to start my own business, my big idea would be to provide marketing advice to the green organisations as well as social enterprises, green or not.

The more I research, the more I understand that large green organisations are mostly not for profits, like Greenpeace, who either have their own in house marketers or hire agencies. I would absolutely work with such organisation, however I believe I could add more value if I helped small and medium social enterprises, just because I could help more of them. Hence, lean in the name – gotta be smart as marketing budgets are quite lean.

I follow The Hub in Amsterdam, Knowmads and communities like Rockstart and Amsterdam Startups, and as of June I should be able to finally visit networking events (thank you, full time childcare!). But I still felt that I was not in touch with the local social enterprise community.

Once I realised this, I typed in ‘social enterprise Netherlands’ in Google expecting to find thriving social scene, akin to the one in the UK, or actually even more advanced. The first article I encountered on the subject revealed that surprisingly social enterprise is an emerging field in Holland (a slightly off topic thought that visited me is kudos to the Guardian for establishing a strong position in Sustainable & Impact thought leadership. I found myself reading these sections of the Guardian quite a bit lately. Well done…)

Following the links in the article, I checked out a very well organised site of Social Enterprise, their Facebook page, as well as some of their partners, social enterprises such as Peerby, Konnektid and Taxi-E. There is no electric taxi service in London, as far as I am aware, so well done, Dutch! I know who my next airport transfer will be with…

Lots of interesting info, leads and links. Lots of food for thought, research and leads to follow up on over the coming weeks. I will share the most interesting findings here. Oh, and I discovered a phrase of the day – patient capital. Thanks Wikipedia for explaining that it’s a name for a long term capital. You live and you learn…


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