New Activism – Occupy The Big Oil

I continue expanding my sustainability awareness horizons – so far the three information sources I have found most useful in my education are the Guardian Sustainable Business section, Sustainability Brands on LinkedIn and a variety of experts on Twitter.

The more I read, the more I appreciate the urgency with which we need to start making some radical changes – just buying local, walking everywhere and being kind of ‘greenish’ is no longer enough. This is the time when we also need to get pro-active and start telling the companies and government what we want them to do with re to sustainability. We need to wake up from passive consumption and hoping that someone else will tackle the climate change for us.

I was fascinated to read about the Fuel Fossils Resistance, it gives me hope that someone out there is really taking a stand against the Big Oil, and I plan to investigate what more I can do as a citizen. I find it very upsetting to see how big bucks are used to lobby against common sense and towards short sighted decisions. It’s like oil companies live on a different planet, their shareholders and managers do not have kids who they want to be healthy and happy, and they firmly believe that if planet destabilises, that their big bucks will save them.


The truth is we are in this together. The truth is we need change. And it needs to be radical. Jules Peck writes about this in The Future Of Business: What Are The Alternatives To Capitalism? We need a change of paradigm, a change of thinking and a change of system, where unlimited growth, reckless consumption and profit seeking are replaced with humans’ well being, happiness and sustainability. Now, imagine if Big Oil companies had not profit, but sustainability and happiness as their goals. What a different world we would have been living in.

And is it impossible? I no longer think so. We just need to act.



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