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The L word – big banks’ legacy is #fintech’s opportunity to disrupt


I recently went through quite a customer journey with what I call ‘a stone age bank’. Which is even more hilarious considering their current ad campaign features Flintstones. I asked Halifax bank to issue a supplementary credit card to my husband. A no brainer, right?

When I did this with Amex, the experience was painless – I applied online, I received a card 2 weeks later and we activated it online. This is because Amex, like every savvy credit card marketer, know that supplementary cards are great – accounts that have them incur higher spend. So in theory every credit card company or bank provider should want their credit card customers to have as many additional cards on the account as possible and accordingly make experience of obtaining them as painless as possible.

Not so with my stone age bank.

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Is vegan marketing a thing yet?

Fascinating times we live in! I see stats on the rise of veganism. I see impact in supermarkets – vegetarian and vegan fare is getting more shelf space. As a marketer and an aspiring vegan, it’s fascinating to see that vegan movement has grown to the point that vegan community can be segmented – some are driven by animal rights, some are health conscious, others are following fashion.

Does it really matter how vegan you are or what your motivation is, as long as you stick with it and minimise your impact on the planet? As long as you learn and discover that vegans do not just not eat animals, but also don’t wear animal skin or fur or use any animal based or tested products. Animal exploitation like zoos or Sea World is also wrong. I am looking forward to vegan movement growing and hope to see bigger impact on the business world – more ad space, shelf space, wallet share. More veggies eaten, less animals killed! Yes-vegan!-T-Shirts

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Product of the month – how cool are these ‘crisps’?

Discovered these in my work canteen and have since seen them in Holland & Barrett. Tried quinoa ones – they are lovely. Need to check salt content but other than that what a cool idea!


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The future is electric. Nissan nail target audience message in their new Leaf ad

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The Elon Musk of the animal conservation world is saving rhinos by airlifting them from Africa to Australia

This story reminded me of Noah’s Arc, just that we are saving animals not from the Biblical flood, but ourselves. This is sad times when we, the superpredator, have taken over the world and can’t co-habit with any other species (other than rats, foxes and pigeons – I am in London) without destroying them.

We are ignorant on top of everything – how else can one explain the unending demand for the rhino’s horn in Asia? We really ought to elevate ourselves to the next level of awareness, from archaic, idiotic and blind to understanding, grateful and caring.

Is Ray Dearlove a modern Noah and rhinos’ only hope of survival? Is he the Elon Musk of conservation world? Is he mad? He is making a difference and it’s all that matters. Rhino refugees, never thought I’d see the day. Should we save other animals this way too? Who knows, one day we may be going to Australia, not Africa, for a safari – to see lions, elephants and, yes, rhinos.


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Veggie pop up from Pret and vegan liqueur from Baileys

Pret’s news here and Baileys’ here. I am going to check out both!

Photos source: Baileys, TimeOut


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