6 foods you can regrow from kitchen scraps

I am attempting to regrow shop bought celery at the moment, takes up to 3 months to mature and very fussy, we’ll see! Attempting ginger too. I’ve tried basil before (too much of it, we could not manage) and carrots when I was a child. Need to try carrots. But it’s lettuce that surprised me the most! Read more here.

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The man who stopped the desert #sustainability #climatechange

Another truly inspirational story of an illiterate man with non existent resources who single handedly did what many thought was impossible. Very humbling and reminds me of this question that I have been asking myself a lot lately – what did YOU do to save the world today?

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London gets the first in the world fully electric double decker bus

Brilliant news and there is also a link to a new greener cab being trialled in the capital there. Could this be cabbies’ weapon against Uber? Here is to all public transport switching to electricity (that is green electricity from windmills and solar).

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Couple creates wildlife sanctuary in India by letting barren farmland return to nature

Hugely inspirational and truly amazing story (read it here). What if each one of us instead of living the life of endless consumption, returned their dues to mother nature like this couple did?



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Twitter is far from dead, just needs to play its cards right, fast #tech #RIPTwitter

As a marketer and a keen Twitter user and fan, I feel compelled to chip in on the Twitter strategy debate. Heck, even Zuckerberg did! (here)

Twitter can be many things. Continue reading

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Price comparison site for movie content? #tech #idea

I am lazy and I am working on becoming a screenwriter so I do buy movies legally. It’s easier and I am kind of paying it forward.

I don’t have regular TV and watch all of the content on demand. If I remember, I first check whether the movie would be available on Netflix, then Amazon Prime, as I pay subscriptions for both, and if not (or I forgot), I check Google Play/ Youtube, Amazon Instant Video and as a last resort iTunes.

It’s quite a process especially if you have a 4 year old yelling in your ear that he absolutely needs to watch Frozen this very moment. To complicate the matters further, I use Chromecast so the content needs to be compatible with it, ideally. Continue reading

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France bans supermarkets from throwing away food and Veganz plans to open in the US #sustainability

Supermarkets play such an important role in sustainability and our well being – this is where sustainable approaches to packaging, food waste and eating should all start. It’s not surprising then that supermarkets have recently been at the forefront of sustainability news.

Continue reading

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